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The Jelle Van Giel group, based in Belgium, is a ‘searching-for a-new-direction’ in jazz, crossing over from jazz into rock and classical music to deep African rhythms. It was founded in 2011 by Jelle who was searching for talented, exciting and driven musicians for his newest project. He wrote big and tight arrangements that take the listener on a musical adventure, still with a lot of space for every musician to express themselves and bring a story within a story, keeping it new and fresh all the time. The music is lyrical with a lot of underlying rhythmical power and cross-rhythms and has very interesting different kinds of instrumentation. The members of this septet, the future of the Belgium/European jazz scene, came together after a long time of playing in separate bands and formations in the Belgium/European jazz scene. They all blend perfectly together in this new band creating exciting music that everybody can listen to!



Carlo Nardozza – Trumpet
Steven Delannoye – Tenorsax
Erik Bogaerts – Altsax
Tim Finoulst – Guitar
Bram Weijters – Piano
Janos Bruneel – Double Bass
Jelle Van Giel – Drums/Compositions






* Saturday, 2th of june 2012 @ De Muze; Melkmarkt 10, Antwerp. TRY-OUT!

*  Sunday, 3th of june 2012 @ De Hopper; Leopold De Waelstraat 2, Antwerp. TRY-OUT!

* Friday, 14th of september 2012 @ De Singer; Bavelstraat 35, Rijkevorsel.

* Saturday, 2th of february 2013 @ Lokerse Jazzclub; Gasstraat 27, Lokeren.

*Friday, 8th of march 2013 @ Jazzzolder; Sint Romboutskerkhof 2 (Wollemarkt), Mechelen.

* Friday, 20th of december 2013, 21h @ Jazzora, Leuven

* Sunday, 12th of january 2014, 20h @ CC De Muze, Heusden-Zolder

* Thursday, 16th of january 2014, 22h @ Jazzcafé De Muze, Antwerpen

* Monday, 20th of january 2014, 21h @ Jazzcafé De Hopper, Antwerpen

* CD recording @ Ace Studio: 26-27 of january 2014

* Monday, 3th of february, 21h @ JazzClub Houtum Street, Kasterlee



Pictures from the concert at Houtum Street, Kasterlee 2/2/2014. © Jos Knaepen


Pictures from the CD recording sessions, Studio Ace 12/1/2014. © Miek Van Belle, Boet Hehuat


Pictures from the concert at CC Muze, Heusden Zolder 12/1/2014. © Miek Van Belle

Pictures from the concert at JazzOra, Leuven 20/12/2013 © Miek Van Belle

Pictures from the concert at Jazzzolder, Mechelen 8/03/2013. © Stefan Int Panis



Pictures from the rehearsal, jan/2013. © Stefan Int Panis



Pictures from the concert at De Singer, 14/09/2012. © Guy Van de Poel


Pictures from the concert at De Hopper, 03/06/2012. © Paul Van Giel



* Mechelen Blogt.

* Jazzzolder Archief.

* Lokerse Jazzclub – Multi muzikaal weekend.






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